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Cybercad Technologies provides turnkey consumer billing solutions to water and electricity suppliers. We have been at the forefront of the utility billing industry in India and put many years of experience into BillMaster, our simple-yet-reliable spot-billing software that has drastically increased billing efficiency for our clients. The user-friendly software combined with our vast experience in billing-related process optimisation and manpower management allows us to offer an end-to-end billing solution that is unmatched for quality and price



Admin Panel

Track meter-reader performance, zone-wise analytics, data extraction & updating


Payment App

Barcode/bill number based bill payment at bank or billing office, issuance of receipt


Supervisor App

Duplicate bill issuance, bill correction, track meter-reader performance


Billing App

Meter reading and bill-printing


Consumer App

Bill & water supply notifications, bill payment and customer interaction

Operating Models

Software as a Service (SaaS)

- Cybercad builds customised system for the implementation agency and maintains it.
- Meter reading is done by government employees and Cybercad has a small team to supervise and troubleshoot.
- Implementing agency pays Cybercad a monthly fee and/or a small fee per bill issued.

Benefit: Efficient billing system at low cost - Ideal for situations where meters and meter readers already exist.

SaaS with meter reading

- Similar to SaaS model but meter reading is done by Cybercad employees.
- Implementing agency pays Cybercad a fee per bill issued.

Benefit: Although the fee paid per bill will be higher than a pure SaaS model, this will be far cheaper than hiring government meter readers - Ideal in cases where there are no existing meter readers.

Build, Own, Operate, Transfer (BOOT)

- Cybercad installs water meters for all consumers who do not have a meter.
- The entire system is run by Cybercad employees for a pre-agreed period of time (~10 years) after which all assets are transferred to implementing agency.
- Cybercad keeps monthly meter rent and billing charges per consumer and transfers the rest of the revenue to implementing agency.
- Consumers have option to pay one-time fee for meter installation instead of monthly meter rent.

Benefit: No initial investment for the implementing agency - Ideal in cases where meters don't exist.

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